Nightingale Health expands biomarker services to analyze urine, CSF and cord blood

Nightingale Health expands biomarker services to analyze urine, CSF and cord blood

Nightingale Health, the Finnish innovator of an internationally recognized blood biomarker testing technology, today announced further steps towards widespread expansion and development of its services. In addition to its established CE marked blood biomarker service, Nightingale will be offering metabolomics analysis of urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and umbilical cord blood samples. These services will deliver comprehensive biomarker data to customers, providing wide-ranging insights into human metabolism and facilitating novel discoveries in biomedical research.

“We are excited to be able to expand our metabolomics offerings in the fall of 2018. Our urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and umbilical cord blood services will allow us to provide researchers with a pervasive and more complete picture of human health. The ability to compare changes in the metabolic profiles of the different bio-fluids is especially interesting and will further the molecular understanding of health and disease,” said Teemu Suna, CEO and Founder, Nightingale Health.

Nightingale’s quality management system has been certified to EN ISO 13485. The company’s long-term commitment and continuous investments in quality management have played a central role in its blood biomarker service, and in the development of these new services.

“Our customers trust their valuable sample collections to be assayed with our technology. The quality standard set by EN ISO 13485 is very demanding, but it also guarantees the analysis and results are of the highest level. Quality is a top priority in medical research, and we believe placing it front and center ensures the reliability of novel scientific findings,” continues Suna.

Nightingale Health’s expanded capabilities enables the company to fully cater for researchers working on neurodegenerative conditions, kidney diseases, maternal and fetal health, in addition to those already focused on CVD and diabetes.

“We’re extremely proud to launch these new services, supporting molecular discoveries via biomarker profiling in cohorts and clinical trials. Nightingale’s novel services utilize high-throughput NMR-based technology, providing cost-effective and scalable solutions. These latest advances will provide new opportunities to researchers for biomarker discovery and translational impact,” said Janna Ranta, Head of Business, Products and Services, Nightingale Health.

Nightingale’s current blood biomarker analysis service is built upon an unrivalled scientific foundation, with over 100 peer-reviewed publications in leading biomedical journals. In 2017, the company achieved recognition that its technology is of a clinical grade standard, receiving CE marking for its blood biomarker analysis service.

“Our latest metabolomics offerings take full advantage of our committed focus to quality standards. This means providing highly repeatable metabolite measures, delivered in absolute concentrations and free of batch effects,” continues Ranta.

The first results from Nightingale’s expanded service will be delivered in the fall, with the company currently taking advanced orders from research institutions worldwide.


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