DOULIX launches new DNA assembly tool perfect for iGEM students

DOULIX launches new DNA assembly tool perfect for iGEM students

Venice, Italy, 25th July 2018 / Sciad Newswire / DOULIX ™, the synthetic biology toolbox to design, analyse and synthesise biological systems, today announced the launch of its new DNA assembly tool, the MoCLO wizard. The computer-aided wizard facilitates the design and assembly of synthetic DNA constructs by the user. It is a result of collaboration between Doulix and Dr Emmanuele Severi, University of York, funded by EU project TOPCAPI.

Doulix is a comprehensive virtual toolkit for synthetic biology that allows users an easy way to design and validate custom DNA constructs before synthesising and delivering them either as dsDNA fragments or ready-to-use plasmids. This new tool will enable synthetic biologists to rapidly design and synthesise MoCLO CIDAR Level 0 constructs, choosing from hundreds of validated standard biological parts or using custom DNA sequences. By automating this step, the time spent by synthetic biologists on DNA design will be reduced and efficiency of their research increased. The MoCLO wizard is fully integrated with the CIDAR MoCLO collection developed by Prof. Densmore, University of Boston, USA, and the iGEM collection curated by the iGEM Registry, Cambridge, USA.

Davide De Lucrezia, Doulix managing director, commented: “The MoCLO wizard is the latest addition to our toolbox for synthetic biology. Coupled with a broad collection of standard biological parts, we expect to significantly cut the prototyping time by allowing the user to move directly from design to synthesis.”

Dr Emmanuele Severi, University of York, adds: “Doulix seamlessly brings together design and gene synthesis, straight from board-to-bench. Together with the user-friendliness of the tool, this makes Doulix a competitive resource for synthetic biologists.”

The new tool has applications across synthetic biology research but will be particularly relevant to early-career synthetic biologists including those teams competing in this year’s iGEM. To find out more on how this tool could accelerate your research click here.


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