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Creating human pancreas inside the body of other animals

Researchers at Royan institute have started a project with the aim of creating human pancreas inside the body of other animals.

Doctor Mehdi Hajian, head of Biotechnology department at Royan research institute have claimed that their team has started working on a project to create body parts. He stated that this project will take a long time and consists of different phases. He said:” In the first phase, we will develop the organs inside the body of animals. To accomplish this, first we must have animals that lack these organs. Our first goal is to create human pancreas inside the body of a goat.”

He further explained: ”In order to create human pancreas inside the body of a goat, first we must block the development of normal pancreas inside the body of the goat. We have already prepared the cells and we are awaiting the simulation process. We must create a fetus that does not have the genes required for development of normal pancreas. Then, we will transfer this fetus to the womb of a normal goat. This step will be done in 6 months and we have already prepared the edited cells. We will perform the simulation and then we will create a goat fetus without the pancreas.”

He also explained that these steps are necessary for them to be able to create human pancreas. This project is conducted by Recombinant Protein group and Embryology group of biotechnology department at Royan research institute.

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