Creating electrical microbubbles for cancer treatment

Researchers at Tehran University have created electrical microbubbles that facilitate chemotherapy-induced elimination of cancer cells.

Doctor Mohammad Abdol-ahad and his team at school of electrical and computer engineering in Tehran University have created electrical microbubbles which can create pores in tumor cells. These pores increase permeability of tumor cells and make them more vulnerable against chemotherapy treatment. This new method has been tested in lab animals in vivo. The results of this study have been published in the Advanced Healthcare Materials journal.

Microbubbles create pores in cancer cells

In this new method, scientists first create microbubbles in the area around the tumor by using silicon needles. Then, they use ultrasonic waves to propagate these newly created microbubbles toward cancer cells. After reaching the site, microbubbles create pores in the membrane of cancer cells and increase their permeability. Combination of this new method with chemotherapy treatment has significantly increased the absorption of chemotherapy drugs in tumor cells. Animal studies showed that combination of this new method with chemotherapy was able to reduce the tumor size 85% more than when only chemotherapy is used.

This new method has the potential to reduce the dosage of drugs that cancer patients receive and therefore decrease the adverse side effects associated with chemotherapy treatment.

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