(Gastrointestinal Pioneering To Push Red Hill Biopharma Over Hill (Part 1


Despite recent static of dilution missteps and developmental distractions of small-market products, RedHill’s path will ultimately rely on the development of two gastrointestinal drugs.

RHB-104 will seek statistical significance over placebo in achieving remission for patients with Crohn’s disease in phase 3 trials.

Meet the gastrointestinal pioneer who developed RHB-104 and serves on RedHill’s advisory board, Professor Thomas Borody.

An assessment of RedHill Biopharma’s (NASDAQ:RDHL) share price movement from inception, alone, would raise big red flags for investors. But what exactly has caused the bumpy road and, more specifically, recent downward movement?

  • -۲۷% on an offering in November 2017.
  • -۱۰% on underwhelming Bekinda mid-stage IBS-D study in October 2017.
  • -۱۲% on an offering in December 2016.
  • Poor revenue growth from their marketed products.
  • Slow progression through clinical trials.

All of the noise and static from the small things is distracting us from the drugs with actual potential to turn heads. I will address two drugs, in a two-part series, piloted towards two indications and highlight how RedHill is poised to get over the hill.

Crohn’s Disease: The Past

Etiology/Current Treatment/Prevalence

Crohn’s disease is widely accepted to be a multifactoral, primarily autoimmune disease. However, this is mere speculation. Along with ulcerative colitis (UC), Crohn’s is considered an “idiopathic” irritable bowel syndrome. Idiopathic, meaning, there is no known cause.

Because there is no known cause, treatment is limited to supportive therapy. Supportive therapy may include antidiarrheals, corticosteroids, TNF inhibitors, and aminosalicylates (to name a few) with the goal of decreasing symptoms, limiting inflammation, and preventing flare-ups. However, these supportive therapies are associated with many side effects.


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