India rising to the top of the bioeconomy

India rising to the top of the bioeconomy

To measure the impact that advanced biofuels are having in India, consider that the World Biofuels Day program featured, on stage, Prime Minister Modi, the minister for agriculture, the minister for road transport & highways, shipping and river development; the minister of consumer affairs and food; the minister of science & technology and climate change; the minister of finance, the minister of petroleum & natural gas and entrepreneurship.

For star-studded drawcards, it is the most glamorous national event ever held solely for the advanced bioeconomy.

Specifically, they were gathered to celebrate World Biofuels Day and to inaugurate an advanced methanation plant and a CO2 to lipids technology. But the event has more significance, as they always do when so many gather in one place, at one time, for real dialogue on the real issues.


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