Indian Oil Corporation gets land for ethanol production from biowaste – Times of India

Indian Oil Corporation gets land for ethanol production from biowaste – Times of India

LUCKNOW: UP cabinet on Tuesday approved a proposal to allocate 50 acre land to Indian Oil Corporation on a 30-year lease for production of ethanolfrom biowaste.

The plot identified for the ethanol plant is part of the property of the Ghuriapar Farmer Cooperative Sugar Mill in Gorakhpur which has been lying defunct for several years.

The cabinet has also cleared a proposal to institute Nand Baba Puraskar for production of milk from indigenous varieties of cows. The proposal was announced by CM Yogi Adityanath during this year’s budget. Government spokesperson Sidharth Nath Singh said the decision was taken to promote milk production in the state and also encourage rearing of indigenous varieties of cows in the state. “An award of Rs 5,100 will be given at the block level, of Rs 21,000 at the district level, and Rs 51,000 at the state level to the person who produces the highest amount of milk from an indigenous cow each year. This will be applicable only to those who produce a minimum of 1,500 litre of milk each year and who are members of a milk cooperative,” he said. The government will incur an annual expenditure of Rs 52 lakh on this award.

The government also approved the budget for building seven new medical colleges.

In light of high production of sugarcane in UP this year, the government has decided to implement the jaggery licensing policy from April 1, 2019. It has relaxed the rules for setting up jaggery manufacturing plants.


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