NRGene and Kayagene breakthrough enables growers to fast-track breeding and strain development

NRGene and Kayagene breakthrough enables growers to fast-track breeding and strain development

Ness Ziona, Israel, and Salinas, Calif: Monday, Feb 11th, 2019: Today NRGene, a leading agricultural genomics company based in Israel, and Kayagene, a California-based cannabis breeding company, have announced the completion of the first fully-phased cannabis genome using NRGene’s DeNovoMAGIC technology.

NRGene has created a full suite of tools to help breeders achieve commercial targets. By using these genomic tools, master growers are now able to make selections earlier in the breeding program, dramatically accelerating a process that usually takes years to develop and comes with substantial operating costs. Breakthroughs like this carry significant benefits for the scalability of licensed cannabis producers around the world.

“Advanced genomics give companies like Kayagene the advantage of having a robust program that can utilize time and money more effectively. When you’re working with something so critical to your breeding program, it’s important to work with the leaders in the space” said Dr. Christopher E. Hohn, Director of R&D, Kayagene. ”I see NRGene advancing cannabis genomics and breeding over the next couple of years in great ways.”

“We have now only begun to realize the potential in cannabis, as over 99% of its genetic diversity was never studied,” said Dr. Gil Ronen, President, NRGene. “Our fully-phased genomes reveal the hidden secrets of diverse cannabis strains and enable us to efficiently implement them for future treatments of multiple human medical conditions.”

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About NRGene

NRGene is a Genomics company that provides turn-key solutions to leading breeding companies. Using advanced algorithmics and extensive proprietary databases, NRGene empowers breeders to reach their full potential by achieving stronger and more productive yields in record time. NRGene’s tools have already been implemented by some of the leading agri biotech companies worldwide, as well as the most influential research teams in academia.

About Kayagene

Kayagene is a cannabis seed company based out of Salinas, California, aimed at enhancing grower productivity and profitability through innovative genetic solutions. Their goal is to be a leader in cannabis breeding and genetics, while supporting the needs of a rapidly-scaling industry. Kayagene’s R&D program is grower-driven and customer-focused. Through strong partnership development with their customers, Kayagene develops and delivers reliable varieties that yield success.


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