The Advanced Bioeconomy’s 12 Biggest Talking, Fretting, Praying and Action Points right now

As ABLC’s storied 2 for 1 offer comes to a close this week, we look at the top themes that Delegates will be coming to Washington to explore, debate, negotiate, argue, pray for, fear, delight in and generally obsess over.

Yep, the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference — which convenes in Washington, DC on February 28th — is best-known as a dealmaking environment where customer development, finance and investment, policy-wrangling, and technology previewing are in the foreground. But it’s also home to real dialogue by real leaders on the real issues.

What are the top trends Here are the 11 we see dominating the debate on the stage and on the floor.

Jet fuel deployment – how much, how soon, by whom California, look up, not down!

Jet fuels are reaching scale with the key deployment of Fulcrum BioEnergy now under construction and expected to open in the next 18 months. Yet airlines continue to put pressure on producers to drive down fuel costs to meet market prices, and for public policy officials to get anywhere near as serious about addressing carbon credits in the sky as they have been in hading out subsidies for electric vehicles. At this writing, California has invested $448 million in electric vehicle subsidies according to this source, yet hasn’t managed even to include aviation fuels under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

What do we do about biodiesel?

While renewable diesel volumes (especially aimed at California) are zooming, America’s favorite advamced biofuels is in the dumps, not getting anywhere near the love it should on emissions, jobs, energy security from the political powers that be – leaving it short of its tax credits, and shorted in the mandate. Yet, it remains the one true beloved advanced biofuels available at scale, punching well above its weight when it comes to creating positive vibes for renewable liquid fuels. Is the biodiesel story over – is a renaissance just around the corner. At ABLC, we’ll be diving into the issues and gazing into the collective crysatl ball.


The Advanced Bioeconomy’s 12 Biggest Talking, Fretting, Praying and Action Points right now

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